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We are a family owned and operated machining and fabrication business in Southern Michigan.
Our mission at Smith Tool & Machine LLC. is to develop and utilize proven tooling practices to enhance the productivity of our customers by focusing on technology, high output machinery, and state of the art tools to produce high quality tooling. We will continuously strive to be a leader in the machining and tool & die industry focusing on business integrity, responsibility, and loyalty, while being committed to our customers and the local community.

Smith Tool & Machine, LLC was established September 18, 2017 by Tim and Austin Smith. We both share a deep passion for metalworking, more specifically, stamped products and related tooling. We had discussed and brainstormed this venture for several years.

Michigan's manufacturing depends on high quality tooling, digital technology and speed to market which is made possible by advanced manufacturing techniques. We plan to grow with the times in order to keep current in any and all tooling processes. Manufacturing is a competitive market. Our vision is to solve tooling problems for our customers which is our top priority. We have every intention to hire and keep highly skilled, young talent with a deep passion to serve southeastern Michigan and Northwest Ohio industry. The core team of employees will consistently be trained to produce the latest advancements in manufacturing concepts. 

We are confident that with hard work, dedication and desire to serve our community, 
Smith Tool & Machine LLC will thrive and grow into a major tooling provider for years to come. We welcome potential customers and look forward to working with you. 

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